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New Chico Area Commerical Property Website!

I have a very successful residential website, and have recently just rolled out a commercial and multi-family site, in addition to my main site. Here are some of my thoughts on my websites. 

My Residential Website Intentions
My original idea was to create a website so that I could send existing clients, and potential clients somewhere to look at property. I also originally intended it as a listing tool, which could show sellers, how many listings I have and as a voucher for my credibility.


Well I was wrong. Yes, I do send buyers and sellers to my website, but every day I am contacted, via email, phone or both, because of my website. Buyers are actually contacting me, because of my website. I could not be happier.

My Residential Website Results
Well, since I have realized that there are a lot of buyers on the Internet who need professional help and information, I have devoted my entire site to the cause. Why would I not give all the information I can to my buyers before they even contact me. If they can make up their mind before they call me, I can work with a lot more buyers! I get emails and calls every single day with questions and showing requests, and I always ask, where did you find me? The answer, Google, Yahoo or another source. They are all Internet sources. I can also show each seller, a graph of the hits and visitors that their particular property got. They can see when it got a lot of visits, and when no one looked at it. The more information they can access, the more they can see my results.

My new Commercial Website Intentions
Since I am kept extremely busy with my residential website, I am probably a bit insane to start up another website and hope for the same results. I love investment property. I am in property management, and have always enjoyed income property. I thought, why don't I have a website for investors? My residential website is geared towards homebuyers, which buy on very different motives than investors. So, they can't be the same website. Income and residential property are different products, and the same site, can't serve both and do it well. I can also piggy-back from one site to the other, and hopefully increase hits on both. If you notice on my residential website, there are advertisements displayed at the top. But these ads are for my products and services. Services like automatic emails, custom search, my market reports etc. Take a look, and let me know if you have any ideas.

My New Site (90% done)

I don't have any results yet, my new commercial website is still brand new. But I will keep everyone posted on the results. Another idea I have is to have a site designed just for sellers. Since most buyers use the Internet to find homes, I have tailored both my sites for buyers. Perhaps like a 80% buyer sites, and a 20% seller site. Seller are really missing out, if they are trying to find information on how I market homes etc. The information is just not on my website. I am still on the fence about this, any ideas would be helpful. I have all the information, between listing packets, listing presentations and my track record and stats. It is just a matter of publishing this on a seller friendly website.

Stop spending money on your newspaper ads, and get a real website. It will pay off, and your site won't end up in the trash can at the end of the weekend either.

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Keller Williams Chico CA
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    New Chico Area Commerical Property Website!
    I have a very successful residential website, and have recently just rolled out a commercial and multi-family site, in addition to my main site. Here are some of my thoughts on my websites. My Residential Website Intentions My original idea was to… more
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