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It's Picking Up, For Sale by Owners and Pre-Offer Inspections

The Chico market seems to be picking up. This morning I started early by writing up a contract on a larger home in Canyon Oaks (Chico's premier gated community). I have been working with these clients for about a year, and it seems like this may be the home for them. Between marketing calls, I prepared the offer. I also lined up the afternoon showings.

I also spoke with an out of town seller this morning about a duplex. She has a clean, 4-plex for sale in Chico and is very motivated. Give me a call if you have an investor!

I know of a 6 unit complex that will be on the market in a few months. It is being repaired currently, please call if you are in the market and I can give you more details. I then signed a few letters I wrote and sent them out. I also followed up with a few lenders, and talked about our plans of doing some joint marketing and buyer seminars.

Yesterday I had setup a for sale by owner preview. Since I work with a lot of buyers, the last thing I want to happen is for a buyer to ask me about a for sale by owner and not be able to talk about it. I make it a habit to preview every single for sale by owner in town (not an easy job). If I don't get a chance to look at one, my buyers will surely ask, at least that is how it always seems to turns out!

In fact, after many for sale by owners talk with me and discuss their plans, they end up listing. It might not be right away, but it does happen often. Some times I just feel like saying, "if I don't bring value, I would be out of a job". Not only do I average about 2% more than the local Chico market (List to Sold Price) but I know the inventory so well, I know where your home needs to be priced. Nine times out of ten, I more than make up for the cost of my services in the final sales price of for sale by owners.

After showing a few homes, I grabbed a quick lunch and talked with the manager at the restaurant I ate lunch at. I had seen him last weekend at an open house and he expressed interest in helping a family member purchase a home in Chico. He said he'd also talk with his employees and see how many of them could use the expertise of an active real estate professional.

I also was referred a client today who is looking for some raw or improved land in the greater Chico area. We setup a meeting to talk about her needs and wants tomorrow at 9AM.

Shortly after lunch I received a few website calls. Over 96% of home-buyers look for homes on the web (KW 2006 Stats). Guess what? That beats the paper, open houses and magazine ads combined. My website is constantly improving, feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions. I want to have the best site in the Chico area, and I think I am almost there! RyanVaught.com

I stopped by and served a notice to a tenant (we have to post before we can show this home), showed another home to a different client, and then delivered the contract I had prepared this morning. This was all before our bi-weekly training. Keller Williams encourages us to do training, and not just for new agents. Myself and other experienced agents, even ones that have been doing this for 15 years or more, still go to training. It's like a big think-tank, and we all make a point to contribute. You'd also be surprised with the innovative ideas that brand new agents come up with. We always have room to improve personally, professionally and intellectually.

After our meeting, I setup a few of the next day's appointments. I have a termite inspector coming to inspect a few of my listings in Oroville, and needed to coordinate with the owner who would like to be there. We believe in getting inspections up front before we get a offer, and this is why:

  • To provide the buyer with all the information we can
  • To prepare for a quick sale
  • To have a chance to repair any problems before hand
  • To have the upper hand on negotiating, and eliminate surprises

Another day in the life of a Real Estate Agent...

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions about your real estate transaction, present, future or past. I'd be happy to offer any advice that I can.

Ryan Vaught, Realtor
Keller Williams Chico CA
Office Phone: (530) 343-2959
Cell Phone: (530) 519-1044

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